Jun 30, 2011

Tara Winona Designer Feature:

About Tara Winona:

Why did you start doing what you do?
My mother says I began drawing before I could walk! As a small child I carried a sketchbook with me everywhere. The feeling of joy and sense of power I gained  in being able to capture and put down on paper the world around me was wonderful.
It grew from there into a career of creating and art directing large scale events, until one day the bright lights didn't call to me as much as a need to paint and draw for myself. One day I took a leap of faith and a couple of months off -  and began relearning rusty painting skills. It was strangely petrifying to say no to work, to sit still and explore my inner creative world rather than be in the big wide world out there. Strange not to be on a plane every week, to create completely for myself rather than a demanding client!
It felt so frightening that I painted my 'Leap of Faith' series to reassure myself and give me courage. Friends saw the paintings and asked if they could have copies. I realsied I wanted to share my art with the world - and thus my Etsy store was born.

Why did you chose your business name?
Tara Winona are my given names and I love them. Tara means many things in all languages, 'star' in Hindu, she is a Tibetan goddess and apparently a very ugly fish in Japanese! Winona means 'first daughter' from an Indian tribe in the area I was born in Canada. They feel like the essence of me.

How long have you been doing what you do?
I have been creating, drawing and painting forever in different forms.
I am a newbie to Etsy, I opened my Etsy shop in October last year. I have had my art studio, a little piece of paradise on a hidden island in London for a couple of years.

What else do you like to do?
Camping, reading, yoga, meditating, crazy overseas adventures, exploring the world and feeling like I have it inside me, photography, singing (although my sisters tell me I always sing flat!) Hanging out with my family and seeing my friends back home in Oz. Laughing with my husband, who is a very funny man! Speaking other languages, dressing in bright colours, dancing in fields. Oh! And writing books, I am in the throes of a children's book, watch this space!

What is your ultimate goal for your business?
My ultimate dream is for my business, my art, to take off and support me. Whilst I adore directing shows, there comes a time when getting on planes more than once a week can get tiring and feel disconnected from 'real' life. I would like to see where my art adventure goes and what I will be creating in a decade, 2 decades time!

If you could make something for a famous person who and what would it be....? 
Hmmm.. rather than a famous person, how about 'people'? I would love to create a sculpture that sits in a park in a big city that people can interact with, sit on, feel inspired by, that gives children encouragement  to use their imagination and dream big dreams.


My inspiration comes from my journey, in both my inner creative world and through  life. I take the experiences, sights, sounds, smells, triumphs and tears and translate them into something visual, a symbol of those feelings and experiences. I have a dream that my artwork may inspire others to live their lives more fully, to 'eat LiFE'!
 Best Sellers:

My signature piece 'Listen'  is about the beginning of my journey...
When I began making big changes in my life, I realised I had to 'listen' very hard to myself to know which pathway my heart wanted to take. I discovered that my inner self was much braver and wilder than the outer me (she thought it was cool to say no to lots of shows and to paint, to buy a professional archival printer instead of a car! Not to mention falling in love and moving to London instead of back to Australia after a decade away and 6 weeks into the relationship - but that's a long story!)
In order to make changes in my life I first had to become my own best friend.

We Make Summer Boutique:
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Archival giclee prints, framed and unframed (from my gorgeous printer that I bought instead of a car) Beautiful colours, rolls royce quality paper  and guaranteed not to fade for over a lifetime.

Inspirational cards from my Leap of Faith series, with images and words written by me such as -
Faith ...
"We can not know what the future holds for us once we take the first step. We must trust... and take the step anyway."

Bookmarks from my Leap of Faith series, with the images and words as on my cards.

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