Jun 28, 2011

Annas Design Designer Feature:

About Annas Design:
I started sewing about 3 years ago when my son started school. I have always had a creative bone in me but due to my carrier in retail there was not much time to live it.
My business name was chosen by me for a simple reason: it is my name, simple and easy to find on the web
Apart from sewing which is more than a job for me - it is therapeutic... I love dancing, singing and travelling, especially to hot countries in Asia, Africa or South America
The ultimate goal  for my business is to become well known and recognized
I would love to make a bag for Sienna Miller, as she is a style icon and one she has an "Annas Design" bag, everyone wants one :)))
My inspirations are:  I am inspired by colors, beautiful prints and fabric and foreign countries where you can find different and unique things.Successful designers are my idols and a huge inspiration and make me run upstairs to produce more new creations which hopefully make other people happy to buy them.

my website is www.annasdesign.co.uk

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