Nov 8, 2011

Designer Feature Series: Meet Ant design

About Ant Design:
I am Kashmira and I live and work in Kingston upon Thames.  I am mum, wife, a graphic designer as well as owner of Ant Design Gifts.  I design and create papercut pictures using quotes or favourite lines from songs as a basis for the design.  These designs can be personalised so you can request any phrases you like (so long as its not too long).  I also get requests to include childrens names and birth dates with make special gifts for new borns or as unique artwork for childrens bedrooms.  The papercuts on my website are only produced in small batches to keep them unique.  They can be supplied framed or unframed. 
When I first started designing the papercuts I used quotes that meant something to me.  My first design was a quote from Mahatma Gandhi, and being Indian myself, it felt a good and right place to start.  I also practice yoga, so some of the quotes have a bit of a hippy slant to them.  I have also looked at my favourite songs for inspiration.  Being a graphic designer and a lover of typography, these papercuts are a great way in which I can combine these skills with my constant need to ‘make things’.

Best Sellers:

My signature piece of work is as attached.  This is one of my favourite songs from Marvin Gaye and I think the balance of the words with the design has made it our best seller too.

We Make Christmas Pop Up Shopping Experience:
I will be selling all my papercut designs as well as some greeting cards.  I may also have some canvas prints for sale depending on whether they are ready on time! 

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