Nov 10, 2011

Designer Feature Series: Meet Chateau Velvet

About Chateau Velvet:
My name is Aimee Waller and I am a lover of London as well as lusting after the country life. I love crafts, charity shops, chocolate, tea and the sea. I have always made my own cards ever since I was old enough to write thank you letters and I still today love to make my own. I think receiving something in the post that has taken someone time and care to make will always move someone greater than a text message or an e-mail. I think we need to honour the old traditions and take the time to stay in touch with those close and dear to us by truly thinking about them as people and what makes them who they are.
I started Chateau Velvet at a New Forest Kitchen table and since then worked in my spare time to make cards for friends, family via word of mouth. I look forward to sharing my designs with you and still have a full-time job looking after around 200 entrepreneurs.

“Home” - Chateau Velvet is where I craft and where my inspiration ultimately is. I came up with the name once upon a time at a kitchen table in the New Forest whilst ponies, pigs, donkeys and geese were passing by my door. With my love of French style and being at home it seemed the perfect name. It is a fictional place full of all my favourite things! As a lover of home-made crafts, anything sparkly (except sequins) and pretty places it seemed the perfect place to create and be creative. I home-craft bespoke cards using recycled papers and magazines. Each card is unique with a theme of fashion, film, theatre and music. I am also able to design bespoke cards.
Ideally I would like to encourage people to treat cards as gifts; presents of words,  poetry and design delivered to keep and treasure. A Ch√Ęteau Velvet card is one to receive and keep forever!
My inspiration comes from anything that makes me stop and stare. Usually pretty things or a picture of a passion of mine; such as theatre and fashion. It may be a photograph in a magazine, a leaf I find on the floor, a movie I’ve seen or a shop I have popped into. I also love to visit National trust properties and always usually come away with an idea or two.

Best Sellers:

We Make Christmas Pop Up Shopping Experience:
I will be at the fair with a special Chateau Velvet Guest book. It would be wonderful if you wanted to place an order for future birthdays/anniversaries/special occasions or just a leave a message with your own feedback of what makes your very own Chateau Velvet - a ritzy place where you can revel in the delights of home crafted comforts!
I will obviously be selling some cards too with a Christmas theme and I will be there to answer any questions you may have about card making and about the ways I work. I am also very happy to talk about my plans for the future

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