Nov 22, 2011

Designer Feature Series: Meet Isamo Crochet

About Isamo Crochet:
I am a maker and designer of things that are made with yarn. I could crochet since I can remember and always loved fashion, I like to watch styles and trends but always prefer to create my own clothes and accessories and admire creative dressing up. I would like to see more original fashion on the streets and people buying more handmade goods with greatest quality… so I design and crochet and hope that what I make is a bit different.

Things that inspire me are old and dusty, but always have something unusual about them, I collect vintage lace patterns and use them to create my collections. Lace is first thing that starts every design even if the finished piece isn’t really an open work. I also love flowers and that can be easily noticed in most of my pieces.

Best Sellers:

I have noticed that my crochet jewellery is very unique and people love it for it delicacy. Many times my crochet earrings that are nothing else than tiny doilies were featured by bloggers and complimented by customers at every venue.

We Make Christmas Pop Up Shopping Experience:
Isamo Crochet is very busy before Christmas as I am preparing more colors of the very popular Triangular Shawl as people asked for, but there also will be more jewellery available and new fingerless mittens that haven’t been featured anywhere yet and are going to launch new line for Winter.


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