Nov 27, 2011

Designer Feature Series: Meet Enclosed Spaces

About Enclosed Spaces:

Enclosed Spaces was born from a desire to create original designed prints, with a hand made feel.  After studying at Chelsea Art College, Emma Williams moved into a career in digital design and development for many years, while still keeping in touch with her fine artist roots by working on side projects and getting involved in the occasional group and solo exhibitions. In 2007, interested in working on something that spanned both the ‘art’ and the ‘design’ and looking to keep a clean modern design style, but with a “getting your hands dirty” aesthetic, Emma stumbled into screen printing. Since then, and many misprints later, Enclosed Spaces has emerged as a source for original hand pulled screen prints.


As for many designers, inspiration comes from everywhere and nowhere. From all the visuals picked up over the months from books, magazines, websites and life, when it comes to pinning down a design it’s a bit like picking names out of a hat, and seeing what fits. For Enclosed Spaces I’m pulled towards visually bold ideas and objects, iconoclastic items and vintage objects.


The Key to my Heart print in ‘All My Heart Red’ is a popular piece.

We Make Christmas Pop Up Shopping Experience:

Along with the current collection, Enclosed Spaces will be introducing several new prints, including a print designed specifically for the UK charity, Garden Organic, with 35% of the print sales being donated to the charity.


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