Nov 25, 2011

Designer Feature Series: Meet Bea's Beastlies

About Bea’s Beastlies:
I am a designer maker based in South East London. I studied fine art ,worked on exhibitions and commissions until eight years ago when Bea’s Beastlies were born.
Bea’s Beastlies are hand made and designed by me from recycled knitware, yarn and vintage buttons.
Mama Bea Makes cloth dolls were born last year,they are also hand made and designed by me. They are made from felt, recycled decorators dust sheets and vintage fabrics.
Each Beastlie and doll are a one off piece.

The Beastlies are inspired by my childhood and my daughter. Many of my toys were made by my grandmother and my mother from fabrics and yarns that had a previous life. My family has always recycled and reused, a hangover from the days of ‘Make do and Mend’. The inspiration for my cloth dolls comes from my friends. Most of the dolls are based on real life people who love to wear vintage clothing.

Best Sellers:

My best seller from the Beastlies called Radical Reg and the best seller from the cloth dolls is Missy, she is based on one of my oldest dearest friends.

We Make Christmas Pop Up Shopping Experience:

I will be selling one off collectable soft toys made with love in London for the young and young at heart.


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