Nov 20, 2011

Designer Feature Series: Meet Jolizette

About Jolizette :

My name is Eliya and I'm the artist in a pretty large family. Ever since i was young I used to design my own clothes (and dolls, of course). At first, it was just a for fun, later, it became a hobby and then a passion.
I am versatile and not afraid to try anything new, but handbags were my first love, and it still is. Driven by this same passion for the fashion industry, i moved to London, where I was determined to fight for my dreams. This dream has a name, it`s called Jolizette. It's the name of my brand of handbags and accessories.
oh, and i love baking for my friends!


My main inspiration comes from people and from observing their personalities. After all, they are the ones i am designing for, isn`t it?
I love putting leather and lace together - I would say it's my trademark. It's like combining two completely different tastes, for the perfect dish. It's the same with life and relationships, and it always works.

Best Seller:

My best seller would be the Phoebe handbag, which is one of my very first models that I started making in 2004, and ever since, I still get plenty of orders. Women find it to be the perfect balance between casual and elegant. It can be worn at different occasions, and the colours may vary, according to the customers` requirements. The flower brooch is also handmade by myself, using high-quality leather and lace that gives it softness.  

We Make London Pop Up Shopping Experience:
For Christmas show I will sell handbags, clutches and accessories.
Come over for a good cookie too!


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