Nov 21, 2011

Designer Feature Series: Meet Jilltydrawings

About Jilltydrawings:
I’ve always grown up drawing and doodling in front of the TV at home and decided from and early age that I wanted to do it as a job. I went to Kingston University and studied a degree in Illustration and also did a fabric printing course at the East London Printmakers. I wanted to explore another avenue of exposure for my illustrations and decided to start up fabric printing and soon developed a few tea towel and apron designs. I like the idea that the humble tea towel can still fulfill its primary function but can also be a work of art framed in a kitchen.

I think I’m a real sucker for cutesy British traditions. I love afternoon tea and the Brits’ obsession with tea drinking and also I wanted to celebrate Britishness which I think in the past has been over looked. I enjoy working with typefaces and draw a lot of inspiration from old shop fronts and vintage packaging.

Best Sellers:

I very proud of the Great British biscuit design as this was the first design I did which set the ball rolling for the range. It also is the most popular with my customers.

We Make Christmas Pop Up Shopping Experience:

Alongside my tea time homeware designs I have added a couple of limited edition Christmas ‘Eat Drink and Be Merry’ tea towels and aprons

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